Sugar Mama Caramels



Sugar Mama Caramels are small pieces of delicious candy entirely for the caramel lover. This candy doesn’t mess around with fancy mixtures or combinations of flavors, but it just pleases the candy lover with its simplicity and pure caramel taste. One of the great things about these caramels is their softness, which makes it easy to chew without getting a lot of the candy stuck in your teeth. Everybody knows how annoying this can be. Part of its softness is because they use milk caramel rather than straight caramel, which is the same reason milk chocolate is much smoother and easier to chew, too. Being bite-sized is another advantage. You can easily unwrap a Sugar Mama Caramel and put it in your mouth and enjoy the caramel taste explosion for the next 10 minutes or so, depending on if you’re a chewer or a if you prefer to let it dissolve in your mouth so you can savor it longer.

The Sugar Mama Caramels come from a family of already existing caramel favorites that include Sugar Babies and, you guessed it, Sugar Daddy caramels. The Sugar Babies product began being manufactured in 1935 as a smaller and easier version of the popular Sugar Daddy candy, which was basically a caramel lollipop on a stick. The Sugar Daddy was created by a confectioner named James Welch in 1925 when it was originally referred to as the Papa. It began being manufactured a few years later and this idea gave birth (so to speak) to the Sugar Babies a few years after that. Now, the candy is distributed by the Tootsie Rolls Industries and it has been a favorite of candy lovers for a long time.

You can go to your favorite candy store and buy these tasty treats. You might be able to find them individually and buy just a few of them, but if it was me, I’d want to buy an entire bag that contains about 60 pieces. Heck, I might even want to buy a few bags. I’m a caramel lover, though. And Sugar Mama Caramels cater to my caramel loving taste buds. You can even go online to your favorite candy website and buy Sugar Mama Caramels there. 


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