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Sorbee Crystal Light Hard Candy


The popular diet drink has made its way to the candy aisle! Crystal Light Sugar Free Hard Candies are relatively new to the market, released by Sorbee, a Philadelphia-based sugar-free product developer. This product’s availability is good news for calorie counters who can’t seem to release their sweet tooth. From the image on the wrapper, you can tell this is a candy meant to please adults, not kids. There are no cartoon characters here—just the familiar label and giant images of fruit on the Pepto-Bismol pink, 3-ounce bag. Advertising 50 percent fewer calories than regular hard candies, these Crystal Light lozenges boast less than 7 calories per piece. How’s that for diet candy? Sweetened with Splenda, the candies are also kosher, utilizing natural and artificial flavors.

The star flavor out of this package is Orange. Tasting like an orange popsicle, this flavor is smooth and bright, with a bit of tang to it—and not the orange drink. Strawberry pretty much tastes like a diet drink, so there are no surprises here. With a hint of chemical to the flavor, I found Strawberry to be overwhelmingly strong and too fake in the taste department. Cherry and Raspberry are almost indistinguishable in color, with the latter being a shade lighter. Cherry tastes a bit like wax lips you’d wear at Halloween and Raspberry tastes like Lip Smackers raspberry chap stick. Take that as you will. What I do like about theses hard candies is the individually-wrapped packaging style, perfect for tossing in your bag. The candies themselves have a nice shape to them, like LifeSavers with the middle filled in.

Overall, these candies are okay if you’re on a diet, but don’t expect to enjoy them more than you would a Jolly Rancher or a bag of fruity LifeSavers. You may just get hooked on Orange, though.

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