Tic Tac Lime


Who’s not a fan of Tic-Tacs? Tic-Tacs are the signature breath freshening candy with the recognizable rattle that everybody is familiar with. As popular as it is, though, Tic-Tacs aren’t the best idea for church or funerals because of their noisy nature. I tried the lime flavored Tic-Tacs, which I’ve never tried before. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m normally not a huge lime flavor lover, but after putting one of these in my mouth, I immediately put another handful in to follow it. I think that’s the best way to enjoy Tic-Tacs. Sure, you can do one or two at a time, but you don’t get the full flavor explosion that you would get by putting half of the box in your mouth at one time. For an even bigger taste experience, you can put all 37 little pieces in your mouth at the same time, but the only problem is that they don’t last as long if you do it that way. But it’s well worth it.

These pill-like breath fresheners have been one of the leading breath candies on the market for a number of years. I can see why. They are very addicting and refreshing at the same time. One of the things that has made Tic-Tacs popular is their many tasty flavors that they have introduced. Their website says that they have flavors that will match any mood or outfit so you can use Tic-Tacs as an accessory to your clothing. Although it’s meant as a joke, it contains some truth to it. The bold, vivid colors for each flavor are sure to match any wardrobe. The Lime ones that I tried are a bold lime green color. Other flavors include Cinnamon (an electrifying red color), Spearmint (a pure white color), and Orange (you guessed it, a vibrant orange color), among many others. The company is constantly adding new bold flavors, too.

Tic-Tac’s website is almost as much fun as the candy itself. It has a little quiz you can take to determine your Tic-Tac “type.? You will also find links to Tic-Tac related art along with computer arcade games with a Tic-Tac theme. Other links showcase the various Tic-Tac advertising campaigns from past years and current campaigns as well as a list of popular culture references that have included Tic-Tacs. Their website is dedicated to fully saturating the visitors with Tic-Tac related stuff.

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