Tiny Tarts



These little guys are known all through out the world as little tablets of tart, sweet and full of good times! They are perfect for any occasion and make for an excellent little pick me up. Toss a few in the bag for trick or treaters that come knocking on Halloween. Put a couple in a valentines basket, and you will see why these little guys make it on any occasion. Tiny Tarts come in several scrumptious flavors like Lemonade, Orange, Sour Apple and Raspberry. Pop one in your mouth and watch your vision be obscured by flavor, you will go dizzy from taste and leave you craving more. They are the perfect little treat when you are looking for that one thing to hit the spot where all other candy can do no right.

They are the youngest sibling to some other well known treats you might have already heard of maybe even already have tried. Candies like Care Bears Gummi Bears, Cookie Dough Bites, Muddy Bears and Sqwiggles. All of which have broken through into the mainstream candy confectionaries and made way for their new addition the Tiny Tarts. Though the Tiny Tarts have some work ahead of them to beat out such names like Shock Tarts or Sweet Tarts it’s easy to see where these Tiny Tarts will take there place among the tart candy giants. They are just as good and just as worthy as any other tart candy out there on the shelves today. Check them out for yourselves, if you are not satisfied well then there is something wrong with your taste buds my friend!



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