Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum


Now we’ve all heard of the gum that literally changes your mouth a different color when you chew on it. It’s the urban myth of some kid back east who tried one and his mouth stayed blue for years. Or the kid down the street nobody really knew and one day his mother comes to school and tells the principal he was chewing on some gum and his mouth changed green and never went back, and your friend who was in trouble waiting to speak to the principal over heard the conversation and spread the rumor around campus. And then you find out a day later he had to have special dental surgery to remove the color, but there was nothing the dentists could do to help him.  It was too late and the kid would be forever called green mouth. And then one day you are walking through the candy aisle. Perusing the new stuff that comes in. And it hits you like a ton of bricks. You see the label that has claimed the lives of so many mouths. It’s the name that all kids fear more than the boogey man. It’s the gum that strikes fear into the hearts of children everywhere. It could only be one gum. Tongue Splashers!

Alright maybe it’s not that dramatic but when you are a kid, you know the name and the consequences that follow. Tongue Splashers is kind of like that. It is truly the bubble gum that paints your mouth different colors for hours on end. Don’t take these words lightly. I mean every single one of them. If you are brave enough to open the paint bucket can that holds these little time bombs waiting to go off in your mouth, than you’ve come to the right place. Just get some sort of tool you would use to open a real paint can. Pop off the top of the Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum Paint Can and take a second to check out the doom that awaits. Now it doesn’t taste like paint mind you, that would kill you and we certainly do not want that. Make sure you don’t have anywhere to be, and take the ride of the Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum. Munch on it and see how long your mouth stays that color. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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