Now this is a first. Usually, Twizzlers come in only the standard red (strawberry) flavor. I don’t like them as much as I like the classic Red Vines, but I’m livin’ on the edge today, so let’s give these babies a go!

The pack of Rainbow Twists features six flavors. Red (strawberry), Orange (duh), Yellow (lemonade), Green (watermelon), Blue (blue raspberry), and Purple (grape). The red is the same old strawberry Twizzler. It’s good, but for some reason, never really caught on with me. I guess that it doesn’t taste as strawberry-y as I would like it to. The orange one is good. Sweet and a little tart. The lemonade one tastes like a very sugary lemonade. The watermelon has a pretty good flavor, it’s sweet and tastes the way a watermelon candy should. The blue raspberry is my favorite by far. It’s a little sour, without it being too overpowering and sweet towards the end. The grape is my least favorite, but then again, I am not a big fan of grape flavored candies – they never actually taste like real grapes. This one tastes like purple sugar, which, I’m sure would be a huge hit with the kiddies out there. In all, Twizzlers Rainbow Twists are fruity, fun and sweet. They are very eye-catching and pretty palate pleasing and the variety of fruit flavors makes them a treat, indeed.

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