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It’s not you, it’s us…that’s why we changed

Here at Candy Direct we have made changes to our website that we are pretty excited about. Not only can you get in contact with us through facebook, twitter, and our blog, but now you can share your favorite aspects of our website across digg, myspace, youtube, and Google’s +1!

As the weather heats up, shipping perishable candy becomes more and more difficult. Here at Candy Direct we have many suggestions as how to decrease the probability that your perishable candy will be damaged in transit.

Those of you looking to ship perishable candy during the warm summer months should consider purchasing a thermo-insulated box when doing so. This box will help keep the heat from damaging your favorite chocolate, taffy, etc.

Come check out all the flavors we have to offer right here:

Here at CandyDirect we strive to offer our customers the most diverse selection possible. That is why we carry more than 40 brands and thousands of products, so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Here at CandyDirect we make it easy to find the candy you need to set up a great candy buffet. Whether you are looking for a specific color candy, a specific type of candy, or you don’t know what you are looking for…CandyDirect makes it easy to create a wonderful candy buffet.

Looking for unpolished candy for your graduation party or wedding rehearsal? How about blue candy for this year’s Hanukkah celebration? CandyDirect makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking by allowing you to search by color. Check out:

Candy Direct has everything from bubble gum, to chocolate bars, to jelly beans and even vintage candy. Check out all of our candy sorted by types right here at:

Have you ever struggled to find a type of candy because all you knew was the shape of the candy? Well, struggle no longer because CandyDirect has made it easy to quickly find the exact candy you were searching for. Our website allows you to quickly sort through candy based on its shape. Trying to find that frog shaped gummy, our animal section is for you. Trying to find those chocolate poker chips, check out our coin shaped section and you won’t be disappointed!

Here at CandyDirect we realize that your time is precious, and you want to spend as little time as possible online shopping. That is why we have organized our website in such a way that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for very quickly. This video gives a quick demonstration of just one of the ways that candy is separated on our website, bulk. Bulk categories include candy coated candy, licorice candy, sour candy, and so many more.

Check out this new offer from Candy Direct! They are offering new, smaller bulk sizes, in 3 conveniently priced categories. These categories, under $20, under $30, under $40, include free shipping! This is a wonderful deal for anybody that wants to take advantage of the savings associated with bulk candy but doesn’t believe they will be able to eat 5 pounds of candy or more.

Take a quick tour of our warehouse where we store and ship all of the delicious candy you love.
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